8 Day Instagram eCourse

Are you missing the opportunity to reach over 500 million monthly active users on Instagram? I'll help you fix that, with this FREE 8 Day ROARING Instagram eCourse. Here is what your 8 Days will look Like

Day 1: Optimize Your Profile 

Exercise: Create Your ROARING Instagram Profile

Day 2: Start Growing Your Community 

Exercise: Identify the Influencers

Exercise: Find Your Dream Clients 

Day 3: #Hashtags #Matter

Exercise: Find Your Hashtags

Day 4: Develop Your Brand Strategy Exercise: Define Your Brand

Day 5: Start (or Join) a Conversation Exercise: Plan Your Conversational Style

Day 6: Build a Buzz About Your Brand 

Exercise: Plan an Instagram Contest

Day 7: Intentional Posting Strategies 

Exercise: Develop an Intentional Posting Strategy

Day 8: Instagram Ads 

Exercise: Plan Your Ad Campaign

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