Grieving Under Grace is a self-help book that provides you with tools and guidance to navigate through life's everyday losses. Deborah Juniper-Frye is a certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist whose trials and triumphs give her a first rate experience on how to overcome and journey through this thing called GRIEF. It is our aim and mission to soothe the brokenhearted with continued resources to help minimize the trauma of grief and assist you through your journey.

Grieving Under Grace ~ Thoughts of Conclusion  

  • You are not alone on this grief journey.  
  • It takes courage to fight through grief and despair intentionally.  
  • There is so much Good Grace in grief.  
  • We grieve for something in our life every day and don’t realize it.  
  • Don’t miss the moment of Grace.  
  • No two people or families grieve the same.  
  • Even though your loved one is no longer here, great memories can still be made in their honor.  
  • Love, Hope, Faith, Trust ~ a great flashlight to carry when the path becomes a little dark.

Grace Nugget

“In spite of what you may see and feel, NEVER stop sowing Seeds of Grace.”  


About the Author

Deborah Juniper-Frye has 22 years of professional expertise and knowledge in the care and compassion for the Bereaved. She is an Executive Assistant for a Mega church and personally oversees the entire bereavement process. Over the years, she has assisted countless families with direction and guidance in caring for the loss of loved ones; and is the liaison between Church Leadership, Families, Funeral Home Establishments, Caterers, and Cemetery with tact and diplomacy.

Deborah has also been employed with a local funeral home as their Grief Care Follow-Up Coordinator and a Special Events Organizer. She organized and established the Dinner & Discussion Workshops to discuss different grief topics, such as Loss of a Child, Loss of a Spouse, and Coping with Grief During the Holidays.

Deborah is the Business Owner of Grief Care Consulting and the Author of two books, “Grieving Under Grace” and “What About Me? I’m Sad Too.” A Children’s Grief Activity Book. She is an Ambassador for the When Women Talk (#WWT) Organization and a Grief Recovery Method Specialist through the Grief Recovery Institute. Her passion for the brokenhearted has given her inspiration to help see families through their most difficult time.

Deborah has lived abroad as a military wife, resides in Virginia Beach, VA and has been madly in love with her husband, Michael for over 34 years. They have three adult children ~ Antione, Michael, Jr., and Whitney, as well as, three grandchildren, Antione, Jr., Aaliyah, and Raevyn.