Discover the Wonders of Science Through the Lens of Faith with Gospelology!

Beginning JULY 24th-September 1st


Are you ready to introduce your little explorers to a universe

of knowledge where science and faith converge beautifully?

Get them on board for the incredible

Gospelology Virtual Biblical Scientific Vacation Bible School,

the first curriculum of its kind, thoughtfully designed for black

& brown children aged 5-11 years old.

Embark on a captivating 8-week journey where each week unlocks

two unique Bible lessons intertwined with exciting science

activities and enriching devotionals. Witness your children dive

into the depths of biblical truths, surf on the waves of scientific

discoveries, and soar into the space of spiritual growth, all while

being comfortably nestled at home.

Why Choose Gospelology?

Unique Curriculum

Our program seamlessly blends biblical teachings with scientific principles, providing your children with a holistic educational experience.

Culturally Relevant

Gospelology is the first and only program tailored specifically for black & brown children, making learning relatable and empowering.

Weekly Interactive Live Sessions

Every Friday at 10am EST, "Pro Mac" will take your child through the science activity of the week. Couldn't make it to the live session? No problem! We ensure all our explorers receive the recorded sessions.

Over the next eight weeks, your children will be engaged in activities such as "Planets and Psalms," exploring outer space and correlating it with Biblical verses, "Healing Hyssop," learning about biblical plants and their uses, "Biblical Botanist," understanding the significance of plants in the Bible, and "Aquatic Architects," a fun-filled activity inspired by Noah's Ark.

They'll also get to play the roles of "Climatic Chroniclers," exploring weather patterns and their biblical significance, and "Kitchen Chemists," conducting safe kitchen experiments while learning about Jesus's miracles.

And that's just the beginning!

There's so much more in store over the next 8 weeks!
Make the most of this summer vacation and pave the way for your children to become enlightened young individuals who can draw parallels between science and scripture.
Join us on this magnificent journey of knowledge and faith.


Your kids are in for an adventure they won't forget!