One of the things.. that set my very successful colleagues apart from other business owners is publishing books. Nothing establishes credibility quite like being able to show off a book with your name on the cover.

Knowing that, I’ve made it a goal to help one hundred business owners and story holding authors this year..


Writing a book has several benefits:

  • Sell books 
  • Increase audience size 
  • JV connections 
  • Grow the mailing list  
  • Get speaking engagements
  • Increase your consulting rates 

There are also a lot of moving parts to coordinate, and this is where I can help.  

I will help you manage the organization, planning, monetization and

publishing of your book.  

This will include:  

1. Research.  

I will help you find the topics your audience most want to learn about.  

2. Content.  

I will help you to collect and collate your already done content to help make it easier for you to complete your book.  

3. Accountability.  

Like anyone, I have a habit of getting sidetracked— especially on long projects. I will help you to help keep on track by establishing deadlines and giving you templates trackers


4. Publish.  

Once the book is complete, you’ll need to organize it for publication, including ordering cover graphics, having it proofed and edited, formatting for various publishing platforms and sending it off to be printed. I will give you the resourses to do ALL OF THIS FOR JUST $30 

We will take it STEP BY STEP Step 1: Survey Your Market Step 2: Review FAQ Pages & I&dustry Forums Step 3: Review your Content Step 4: Research Top Selling Books Step 5: Review Industry Magazines Step 6: Brainstorm Titles Step 7: Create the Outline Step 8: Collect Content to Repurpose Step 9: Create a Schedule Step 10: Establish a Routine Step 11: Daily Check-Ins Step 12: Order Cover Art


Look for your First Course in your inbox email tomorrow and one each day for the next 7 Days

What makes me qualified to teach you? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Latrece Williams McKnight

"Leading Business' & Womenpreneurs With A Mighty R.O.A.R."  

Latrece AKA Lioness Latrece is the go to Business Coach and mentor to over 3,500 online coaches, consultants and business professionals. With over 25 years of leadership experience under her belt, she helps her clients improve their online visibility, launch products and scale their businesses. Latrece motivates and Instructs business' and women to Reinvent themselves, Optimize their potential , Affirm their passion and Radiate their greatness.  

Her transformation messages not only bring her audience motivation, but they drive them to take action. She presents tools that will help you and your organization's members develop the LEADER Within and motivate them to follow you and inspire them to respect you. As a contributor to Forbes Magazine and a selected member of The Forbes Coaches Council of Leading Business Coaches, Latrece is able to use her voice to help small business' as well as large corporations. In August 2011, Latrece became a Founding Partner and Certified Trainer, Speaker and Coach with The John C. Maxwell Team.

Latrece is the Author of Make Me Over Again, This Time Forever, Brand "ROAR"thority, and A Complete Guide to Launch Your Roaring Digital Product Business . She is also one of the selected coaches and consultants to co-author The Amazon Best Seller "Behind Her Brand" Women of Influence, Equipping, Educating and Empowering. 

“Latrece is also the Compiler and Co-Author of the Amazon Best selling book “A Woman’s Worth, The Struggles and Triumphs of A Successful Mompreneur “ 



A 30 Day Task Tracking Calendar to follow  

The Write Your ROARING Money Making

+ Biz Growing Book! Progress Tracking Worksheet


A Write Your ROARING Money Making

+ Biz Growing Book! Book Outline Template


The Write Your ROARING Money Making

+ Biz Growing Book! Monetization Flowchart